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Center for Research on Education and Work

Supporting scholarship and policy for a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous future

CREW aims to advance knowledge about technology’s effects on education and work, and to promote equity-focused policies and practices that foster social and economic wellbeing for all. We produce and support research on changes occurring in schools, communities, occupations, and workplaces in a technology-infused society. We seek to inform decision makers and the public at large about ways of maximizing collective benefits of technological change and preventing its potential harm.

What We Do

Scholarly Activities and Resources

We cultivate and share data and knowledge to support research on contemporary technological advances, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and on their impacts on the world of work and on schooling. In addition to conducting novel scholarly projects, we offer resources for other scholars, students, and analysts to utilize in their inquiries.

Research and Evaluation Services

We offer services in research design, implementation, data collection and analysis, and program evaluation on issues broadly related to work and education. We are able to develop and support both quantitative and qualitative designs, as well as mixed methods approaches.

Idea Generation and Exchange

CREW seeks to provide a platform for productive exchange of ideas on technology, education, and work. For this purpose, we support and organize periodic gatherings, including conferences and forums, for participants and audiences both within and beyond the University of Kansas. We value free, creative, and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.